AUSTRALIAN  CONSTRUCTION RULES FOR 1/8TH Electric Buggy.  Last amended 14/08/09

 5.5.1 a) Overall length - 730mm maximum.
5.5.1 b) Overall width -  310mm maximum.

The car shall be measured for width by placing it on a flat base material equipped with two side rails of 150mm height. These shall be spaced 310mm apart and constructed in such a way that the car can roll freely between them. The base material must be constructed of high quality components suitably stiffened to prevent distortion. The car must roll freely between the side rails with any steerable wheels set in the straight ahead position irrespective of the compression, extension or roll angle of the suspension.

5.5.1 c)  Wheelbase - 270mm to 330mm.

5.5.1d) Overall height - measured from the ground including roll bar at full suspension compression is 250mm maximum (this measurement does not include the receiver aerial).

The car shall be measured for length and height in a similarly constructed box of internal dimension 730mm x 310mm, which includes provision for checking the maximum height.

The measurement of the wheelbase may be made by simple measure of axle centre distances with the suspension in any position. The Race Director should be prepared to make more exact checks in cases of doubt or protest. it is then suggested that the wheels are removed and the wheel spindles are firmly placed on Vee blocks whilst accurate measurements are made.

5.5.1 e) The minimum weight limit shall be 3.2kg/7.04lbs for 4WD cars.

 Batteries and Motors
5.5.2 a) Battery Cell - 14.8v Lithium Battery Maximum . If   2 x  7.4v Li-Po Packs are used they must be the same brand and size.

5.5.2 b) Only Hard Cased Lipo Packs allowed.

5.5.2c) Lipo Packs if charged at the track, must be charged in an approved Lipo Sack to reduce the chance of injury .

 Wheels & Tyres

5.5.4 a) All tyres must be black with the exception of sidewall lettering.
5.5.4 b) No spikes, tubes or additional items intended to increase traction may be either glued to the outside of tyres or passed through tyres from the inside.

5.5.4 c) Wheel/tire overall diameter must be between 100mm and 120mm.


5.5.5 a) A wing of maximum overall size 217mm length and 85mm chord may be fitted.




5.5.6 a) Cars shall be a reasonable representation of the style of car used for Off-Road, Desert or Trial racing.
5.5.6 b) Full body shells of saloon style are permitted but may only be trimmed to expose a maximum of 50% of the tyres at full suspension depression. If such body shells are fitted, provision for trimming shall be as in sub-section 'd'.
5.5.6 c) Where a roll-cage is fitted an open wheel style body shell must be fitted underneath the cage so designed as to enclose R/C equipment and fuel tank with sufficient front and side areas to allow clear display of racing numbers.
5.5.6 d) Openings may be cut in the shell for the antenna and to allow access to  radio switch . Cooling holes to assist in cooling the motor and ESC should be limited to the manufacturer designed cutouts in the bodyshell.
5.5.6 e) Body shells as described in Section 2.6.c need not conform to scale but should conform to the provisions of 2.6.a.
5.5.6 f) Acceptance of a Saloon body shell by another IFMAR section shall be deemed to imply approval by the Off-Road Section for racing purposes.
5.5.6 g) Cooling openings are allowed in windows.


 5.5.8 a) The use of traction control devices, active suspension devices and any steering control aided by gyroscopes/'G'-force sensors is strictly forbidden. Sensors are only allowed for the purpose of passive data recording and not for adjusting the performance of the car whilst in motion. It is the object of this rule to ensure that the event be a test of driver skill.


 Qualifying 8th Electric Buggy

6.4.c) All qualifying rounds shall be 10 minutes duration as per IC classes. There will be the equivelent warm up time before race start to test vehicles , transponders etc, and for marshals to assume their positions. Qualifying will be by staggered system as per IC.

 Finals 8th Electric Buggy

 6.4.d)  All 8th Electric Buggy sub finals to be 15 minutes duration. The top three/four (3 for 10 car final or 4 from 12 car finals) from each sub final progressing to the next sub final, and the first four/five (4 for 10 car finals or 5 for 12 car finals) from each semi (1/2) final progressing to the main final along with the next two (2) fastest drivers from either of the two (2) semi finals.

 In the case of different weather conditions (dry/wet) during the Semi-Finals, driver five/six (5 for 10 car finals or 6 from 12 car finals) from each Semi-Final will go to the Main final. 

 Main Final shall consist of 2 separate races each of 15 minutes duration.  Final positions will be decided by a points systems based on 12 points for the winner of each leg down to 1 point for 12th position. Points from both legs will be added together to determine finishing order. In the event of a tie in points the fastest individual final for each driver will be used to decide the order.